Inspired by a desire to find real solutions to problems that had existed for years in the way kitchens worked (or didn’t work). The Galley offers an expansive line of super-functional, smart, and stylish Ideal Workstations, WashStations™, Work&WashStations™, BarStations®, and Custom Workstations where one can prepare, cook, serve, entertain, and wash in one central location. Highly engineered and hand-crafted in the USA, with an unbridled commitment to the highest standards of quality and service, The Galley is now leading the kitchen industry in innovation, function, and just pure fun.

At Grothouse, we constantly integrate eco-friendly solutions into our business model. Not only does wood introduce a warm, natural element to any room, it also offers a functional, high-performance surface that can last generations. A properly manufactured counter or butcherblock can be used for decades with just a little regular care and maintenance. And even if it outlives its usefulness as a counter, the surface can be repurposed or recycled with a minimal impact on the environment.

From drawing board to test track, the same care and attention that goes into the making of a top-line European performance vehicle can be found in the crafting of a quality custom range hood from Amoré Design Factory. Our manufacturing process is the most precise and detail-intensive in the industry — and our focus is on the client for whom considerations of time and cost are secondary to help creating a unique home furnishing of lasting beauty and effectiveness.